2005 Summer Conference (Edinburgh)

"Immediate Futures"

University of Edinburgh Conference Centre, St Leonard's Hall, 7-8 July 2005

Some photos of this residential meeting may be found on Tom Roper's Weblog


John McColl (Head, Digital Library Division, Edinburgh University Library)
Presentation: "The Googlezonisation of Information Provision"

Margaret Haines (Director, Information Services & Systems, King's College London)
Presentation: "Future-Proofing the Profession: The Report of the Health EAG"

Roger Jones (ImpeR Consultancy)
Presentation: "The JCPSG Case Study at the University of Reading"

Rachel Ellaway (Learning Technology, University of Edinburgh)
Presentation: "EEMeC UG Electronic Curriculum and EEPoP - Edinburgh Electronic Postgraduate Portfolio"

Pauline Simpson (Head of Information Services, National Oceanography Centre & Head of Libraries, NERC, University of Southampton)
Presentation: "Southampton Institutional Research Repository"

Marshall Dozier (University of Edinburgh)
Presentation: "METRO: the Creation of a Taxonomy for Medical Education" and sample of the draft hierarchy.

Paul Hollands (Higher Education Academy, University of Newcastle-on-Tyne)
Presentation: "Higher Education Academy Subject Centre for Medicine, Dentistry & Veterinary Medicine"

Katrina Dalziel (Deputy Subject Librarian for the Clinical School, University of Wales, Swansea)
Presentation: "New Developments in Medical Libraries - Swansea"

Erika Gwynett (Medical Librarian, Walton Library, University of Newcastle-on-Tyne)
Presentation: "New Developments in Medical Libraries - Newcastle"

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