2010 Spring Forum

Facing the future

Held at Woburn House Conference Centre London, 1 March 2010


Links are provided to presentations that have been made available by speakers at the meeting.

The future is what we make it
Sue McKnight, Director of Libraries and Knowledge Resources, Nottingham Trent University

Re-engineering the scientific journal
Mark Patterson, Director of Publishing, Public Library of Science

Reconnecting scientists and librarians
Dr Martin Fenner, Clinical Fellow in Oncology, Hannover Medical School

Opening access to educational resources for use and reuse: OOER MEDEV! A progress report
Suzanne Hardy, Senior Advisor (Information), Higher Education Academy Subject Centre for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine, Newcastle University

The information life cycle and the needs of researchers
Dr Ian Rowlands, Reader in Scholarly Communication, Department of Information Studies, UCL

Making a positive IMPACT
Helen Bingham, Library and E-Learning Resources Manager, NHS Education South Central and Mark Bryant, Outreach Librarian, Ridgeway Partnership (Oxfordshire Learning Disability NHS Trust)

Working smarter by mobilising knowledge
Rachel Cooke, Acting SHA Lead for Libraries & Knowledge, East of England

Facing the future: how many faces and how many futures for the health information professional?
Andrew Booth, Reader in Evidence Based Information Practice and Director of Information, SCHARR, University of Sheffield

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