UHMLG Conference 2011

Preparing for Practice/Libraries at the Equinox

Chilworth Manor Hotel, Southampton; 20th-21st June


Links are provided to presentations that have been made available by speakers at the meeting.

How trustworthy is your information? Developing the RCN information literacy competences
Judy Atkinson, RCN LIS Manager, & Caroline Lynch, RCN Information Literacy Specialist

Developing information literacy skills in pre-registration nurses: a randomised controlled trial
Dr Alison Brettle – Research Fellow School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Salford
Mike Raynor – Information Specialist, National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)

A new learning system for NHS South West
Julia Eadie - Design and Development Director

Employer designed Assistant Practitioner Curriculum
Anita Esser - Head of Wider Healthcare Teams Education, Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust

Graduate Nursing and Midwifery; We’re not in Kansas anymore
Sue Faulds - Graduate Nursing and Midwifery programme lead

New challenges - new roles - new competencies - Supporting primary care commissioning
Anne Gray, Commissioning Librarian, NHS Milton Keynes

Digital professionalism: a barrier to open sharing? New competences, or more of the same?
Suzanne Hardy, Higher Education Academy Subject Centre for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine, Newcastle University

Developing and delivering undergraduate interprofessional learning: a collaboration
Pamela Jackson, Lead for Interprofessional Learning, University of Southampton, UK

Defining a new role: the embedded Research Information Manager
Rachael Kotarski, STM Content Specialist - Datasets

TeachMeet: librarians learning from each other
Isla Kuhn, Reader Services Librarian, Cambridge University Medical Library

A librarian on board - A knowledge based approach to change
Debra Thornton, Library & Knowledge Services Manager, Blackpool Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust

Modernising Scientific Careers
Kerry Tinkler, Royal Free Hampstead, NHS Trust

Supporting Research: new opportunities for 'subject librarians'
Antony Brewerton, Head of Academic Services, University of Warwick

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