2014 Spring Forum

State of play - Open Access: extending access to the research literature

Royal Society of Medicine, 28 February 2014


Links are provided to presentations that have been made available by speakers at the meeting.

An institutional approach to Open Access: developments at UCL
Dr Paul Ayris, Director of Library Services and Copyright Officer, UCL.

Open Access - common good or uncommon danger?
Professor Stephen Curry, Professor of Structural Biology, Imperial College London.

RCUK Policy on Open Access - where have we got to?
Mark Thorley, Head of Science Information, Natural Environment Research Council.

A publisher's perspective on Open Access
Alicia Wise, Director of Access and Policy, Elsevier.

Open Access and emerging networks of Open Research
Dr Catriona MacCallum, PLOS Advocacy Projects Manager and Consulting Editor, PLOS ONE.

Open Access issues and challenges
Dr Alma Swan, Director, SPARC Europe, Director, Key Perspectives Ltd.

The Finch HE-NHS pilot: extending access to research publications for UK NHS staff
Betsy Anagnostelis, Librarian, Royal Free Hospital Medical Library & Joint Academic Support Manager: Biomedicine, UCL Library Services.

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