University Health and Medical Librarians Group

Terms of Reference for a University Health and Medical Librarians Group (UHMLG)
(to replace UMSLG and UHSL)


SCONUL; SCONUL/CILIP Health Strategy Group; SCURL Health Group; JISC Collections; NLH Board; NLH Coordinating Group; NLH Collection Development Group; National Core Content Service Delivery Board; NHS/HE Forum; RIN; CHILL; HE Academy (MEDEV); CILIP HLG; IFM Healthcare; Social Care and other relevant stakeholder groups.

  • To gather opinions and to represent the membership in dialogue at national level with stakeholder bodies.
  • To facilitate joint working with the NHS in delivering services to the NHS workforce and to HE students on placement.
  • To encourage interconnectivity with NHS and joint procurement of electronic resources.
  • To facilitate knowledge sharing, exchange of experience and evidence-based LIS in the following areas: teaching and research support; clinical practice; information literacy; e-resource licensing and procurement; new teaching technologies and NHS service developments.
  • To organise study days, residential events and facilitated electronic approaches to enable members to share ideas with colleagues and to learn about new initiatives relating to HE medical and health libraries including information skills teaching, interprofessional learning, collection management, learning object and document repositories, e-learning and e-resource acquisition and dissemination.
  • To contribute towards the "quality and standards" agenda for both HE and NHS libraries.
  • To promote information literacy; working collaboratively with NHS partners to produce an information literate workforce.
  • To work with educators in support of university based CPD/lifelong learning for health professionals as health professionals move in and out of Higher Education.
  • To provide a website with information useful to UHMLG members such as scholarly publishing, curriculum developments, information literacy and new teaching technologies.
  • To provide a closed email list (lis-UHMLG) to provide a confidential forum to discuss topics relevant to the membership.
  • To continue to support the operation of lis-medical as an open email list offering a forum for discussion of issues of interest to the membership.
  • To support research into best practice.

Those who have relevant senior subject responsibility or whose major responsibility is for a site library delivering health or medical services in a university.

Subscription: Institutional - 40 per annum per individual member, irrespective of number of library branches. In terms of voting for committee members and when asked to vote on membership decisions, one vote per institution is permissible.

Members may form Special Interest groups (SIGs) or Task and Finish Groups which will inform the agenda and operation of UHMLG, to address short-term or more permanent issues. SIGs will be expected to canvass UHMLG members to ensure appropriate representation on the UHMLG Committee.

SIGs will be expected to send representatives to meetings and to keep the UHMLG Committee informed of ongoing work and progress.


All meetings will be open to any librarians or information professionals with a relevant interest. UHMLG will reserve the right to charge course fees to cover the costs of the events.

UHMLG Executive Committee Structure:

UHMLG Executive Committee members will have an elected term of office of 2 years, renewable by membership vote. Positions are open to any librarian working a constituent library and all would be subject to a vote by the membership.

1. Chair
2. Vice Chair
3. Secretary
4. Treasurer

Additional members will include a web manager, membership secretary and SIG representatives as necessary. Additional members may be co-opted.

02 March 2007